GC1RD78 - Pearl Street Interrupted
 N40°41.595 W073°59.286
 6569,38 km  SW 242
 M  10  15
 no need to bend or stretch - east side of trellis / gate frame on the inside

Downtown Brooklyn used to be home to a whole network of streets filled with tenements and old clapboard houses, stores and cobble stones. Much of this changed during the 1960s as grand plans for parks, municipal buildings and public housing radically changed the face of the neighborhood

Pearl St here is a remnant of times past. Seemingly with no purpose today, it used to run through all the way down to the water. Now, this small stub terminates at a walkway between Jay and Adams, and continues on only after high street nearly half a mile to the north.

Cache is a nano. I found GPS reception poor here and so there's a detailed hint for those who need it.

Nanocache in a busy pedestrian precinct in Brooklyn